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"A designer knows when he has reached perfection not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away."

Antione de Sainte-Exupery

Over the last three months, my absolute favorite area rug ever — the colorful purple one in the living room — went from bright and beautiful to brown, dingy and downright disgusting. It’s not because I live in a filthy house. I’ll admit that I’m a clutter bug, but clutter and filth are different things. […]

A few of you said that you were going to join me on my half-finished project challenge, so how are y’all doing on it? My work on my list got off to a late start because I was too busy obsessing over my pixel art that took an obscene amount of time. But I’m off […]

carport progress - large concrete pad for parking plus new wheelchair ramp for MattI now have quite a bit of new concrete at my house, with the new carport pad and wheelchair ramp… …and we’re not even halfway done. We’re still going to have a new driveway poured at some point in the (hopefully near) future, and that’s going to be a HUGE amount of concrete. And then […]

carport progress - large concrete pad for parking plus new wheelchair ramp for MattThe carport is coming along nicely, although it still doesn’t look like an actual carport since there’s no roof. But I now have a large concrete pad for parking the cars, as well as this amazing new wheelchair ramp for Matt. Here’s a quick video I did showing the progress so far… (If that video […]

Today is May 25th. Already. That means that in 36 days (did I count that right?), this year will be halfway over. And I find that in the last months, I’ve fallen back into my bad habit of leaving projects half-finished and moving on to something else. It’s a personality thing. I don’t know if […]

Progress is being made on the carport, but I’ll admit that this stage of the project is way slower than I’d like. It didn’t help that we had a ton of rain on Sunday, so that delayed progress because the ground was way too wet. But at least a bit of progress has been made […]

I got a chance to use the table that I built specifically for doing liquid acrylic pour paintings (you can see how I built it here), and it worked out very well! As suspected, after using it, I did realize that there are a couple of modifications I’d like to make, but overall, I was […]

I had intended to include a video tour of my back yard and the back exterior of my house in yesterday’s post, but after a series of frustrating technical difficulties, I finally gave up. But I finally got things working last night, so I wanted to go ahead and share the video since I don’t […]

The good news is that the carport addition has been scheduled! They’re supposed to begin work in two days (on the 18th), weather permitting. I’m so exciting about getting this done now. It was totally out of the blue, and had my neighbors not had their covered patio built now, I probably never would have […]

I took a couple of hours yesterday and made a table that I can use specifically to do fluid acrylic paintings. I didn’t really do this project to share on the blog, but as I started on it, I thought, “I might want to take pictures just in case.” Then when I finished it, I thought, […]

We will be starting a new refurbishment project for the Southwark Framework at HENDRÉ HOUSE & GRANGE HOUSE soon. Works include external refurbishments plus new... Read more »

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I’ve spent quite some time over the last two days searching online for floral wallpaper and large scale floral murals for my studio. I’ve decided to keep it to one wall — the long wall at the front of the studio (i.e. the wall with the windows that look out towards the street), and I’ll […]

I have a question for you. What’s the one thing you really want to do, but you’re letting fear hold you back? And I’m talking specifically about the fear of what others might think. The fear of criticism. For me, it has to do with creating and selling my artwork. To be quite honest, I […]

Well, after an almost-12-hour day of laborious work on the studio yesterday, my brain and body needed a break last night, and I was desperate to focus my attention and thoughts on something pretty and creative. So I started looking for ideas for decorating my studio. The other day I wrote a post about my […]

The studio is finally ready to be wired for electricity! That’ll get me one step closer to having an actual functional work space, and it’s a huge step towards getting this room completely finished. I’ve had quite a few people (enough to surprise me) ask me to talk about basic wiring. Let me be clear […]

Y’all, I did it! Remember how my studio looked on Thursday? Yeah. It was crazy and overwhelming. I said I’d clean it up in two days, and I did. Here’s how it looks now… In full disclosure, I also said I’d start on Thursday, but I didn’t. I have no idea what I spent the […]

While I really hate to do or say anything to encourage my fellow procrastinators of the world in their procrastination, let me just say that sometimes my own procrastination pays off. And y’all, this time it has really paid off in a big way. I’m getting my carport…NOW! Okay, I know you’re thinking, “What do […]

I had a “let’s get real” moment with myself yesterday about my studio. Generally when Matt is chomping at the bit to pay someone to get a big job done around the house, I’m anxious for it to happen as well. But as y’all know, I’ve been dragging my feet on the electrical work in […]

I love Instagram. I don’t post on my own account as often as I should, but I love to look at what others have posted. I take at least ten minutes a day and scroll through Instagram, and I do so with one sole purpose — to find colorful rooms or things that feed my […]

I can’t believe April has already come and gone. I had so much planned for April, and somehow the month totally got away from me. I worked hard, and yet there wasn’t a single item I could cross off of my 2018 Master List of Home Goals during the entire month. But I suppose any […]

navy blue DIY board and batten shutters with black hinges pulls and shutters dogsThe studio exterior is coming along, y’all! My brother helped me install the shutters yesterday, and I finished attaching all of the decorative hardware early this morning. It’s so fun seeing my vision for this little studio come to life. If you missed it, I actually posted the DIY board and batten shutters tutorial the […]

Triple Layer Scalloped Mirror

65 London Wall, London, EC2M 5TU Client: City of London Summary of works: The internal refurbishment of the ground floor reception area, including the remodelling... Read more »

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We have been awarded a new project for Knightsbridge School in Chelsea. Summer works will include external refurbishments, roofing and timber repairs plus redecorations, stonework... Read more »

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We’re delighted to have secured a new Southwark Housing Framework project to carry out external repairs and maintenance to 3 residential blocks in South East... Read more »

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Today I want to share a bit from my heart — a message from me to you — in a rare pictureless post. I’ll blame it on the fact that I’ve been watching a lot of Mel Robbins and Marie Forleo on YouTube, and I’m feeling very motivated and inspired, and very desirous of inspiring […]

I turned my attention to my entryway yesterday out of frustration. My original goal was to get all of my studio shutters installed and show you today how they turned out. Then I realized I hadn’t ordered enough hardware to finish the six studio shutters. Ugh!! So now I won’t have finished studio shutters until […]

As soon as I get all of my shutters built, I plan to move on to building window boxes. Of course, when I envision window boxes on my house, I picture them overflowing with gorgeous flowers and greenery. Via Houzz, Photo by Bruce Ewing – More landscaping photos But that vision begins to wither a […]

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