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"A designer knows when he has reached perfection not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away."

Antione de Sainte-Exupery

living room - glass and gold metal coffee tableEvery since my new living room rug arrived, I’ve been chomping at the bit to get that room finished. After considering all of the projects I still needed to finish up (or hire out) before the room could be finished, and also after playing around with some furniture arrangements with the furniture I currently have, […]

biodiversity heritage library - Exotic botany illustratedY’all, I have an amazing source to share with you today!! I just happened upon it somehow, and I feel like I hit the mother lode. So I wanted to pass it along to you in case you don’t know about it. First, let me back up a bit. Let’s talk about botanical prints and other […]

hallway bathroom - new vanity color test - Kendall CharcoalWell, there are just under two months left in the year. I think it’s pretty safe to say that I won’t finish my list of house goals for 2017 by December 31st. 😀 I’m actually perfectly fine with that. Unfortunately for some of you who have been patiently waiting for me to tackle my pantry, […]

living room and entryway so farYesterday I posted a couple of pictures to my Instagram account (which you can find and follow here) and then realized that the main items that I have so far for my entryway and living room were right there together in a grid of four pictures. The top left picture is my new rug (I […]

new living room rug - 8 - purple and gray with orange, yellow, teal, greenMy new living room rug arrived yesterday, and it’s even more beautiful and more perfect than I expected. I mean, this thing is gorgeous, especially considering the price! I purchased this Safavieh purple and gray rug in an 8 x 10 size. I was nervous about the colors, and was pretty much expecting to be […]

hallway doors trimmed out - 2It’s hard to imagine a project going slower than my hallway project. I look at what I’ve accomplished in the amount of time it’s taken me (I started on September 11th) and can’t help but ask, “What the heck is taking so long?!” 😀 I know some of you are going to say I’m being […]

new rug for the living room - 1Hey there! I actually hadn’t planned on being away for most of the week, but here we are on Friday, and this is my first post of the week. 😀 I’ve just had a hard time getting things done around here lately, so I had nothing blogworthy to share. I haven’t felt like working on […]

stripped and sanded spinet piano with new coat of dark walnut stain - 2Well, y’all guilted me into it. 😀 I’ll admit that I just wanted to avoid the hassle and hard work of stripping and sanding the case of the piano, but in the end, I’m glad I took the extra time and did it right. And I did it right there in the music room and […]

refinishing an old spinet piano - 6I think the majority of you agreed that since my little spinet piano isn’t some free castoff from Craigslist, but is actually a family piece with sentimental value, I should take my time stripping and refinishing it rather than slapping a couple of coats of paint on it just so I can cross it off […]

spinet piano lid with two different types of woodI spent most of my weekend working on taxes, which is never fun and always stressful for me. So the last thing I wanted to do after finishing that was to turn my attention back to my very frustrating hallway cabinet project (which I’m having to make adjustments to — more on that here if […]

improper planning before buidling cabinets - removal of bottom rail and plywood baseMy hallway cabinets were finished. I had built them, trimmed them out, primed them, sanded them, caulked them, painted them, and taken my final “taaaa daaaa” pictures. I had moved on to other projects, like getting my doors painted and planning out the design for the wall. But those stupid cabinets just kept nagging me. […]

We have been awarded a £40k Grade II Listed refurbishment project for Southwark Council. Works include specialist brick repairs to the walls of the garden... Read more »

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hallway interior door color - Behr Deep BreathI made a decision about the paint color for my hallway doors. If you’ll remember, I had planned to go with one of these colors… But after several days of looking at those colors and still not being able to make up my mind, I finally decided I was having such a hard time because […]

dome from solar tube on roofLighting really does make all the difference in the world. My hallway has always been so dark, and then when I turned the light on, it cast such heavy shadows everywhere. There’s nothing that compares to natural light, so I had a solar tube installed in the hallway. And now here’s what my hallway looks […]

semi-flush light - Conley 2-Light Semi Flush MountHallway Lighting Catastrophe (Plus My Final Five Semi-Flush and Flush Mount Lighting Choices)

finished hallway cabinets - side viewDIY Hallway Linen Cabinets

house floor plan - current - 9-2017 - revisedDesigning A Wheelchair Accessible Master Bathroom

light gray exterior house color options from Sherwin Williams - 5.00 - breakfast room side of the studioMy "DIY vs. Hire Out" List

We are always pleased to get repeat work from a client so we’re delighted to be awarded 2 further projects for the Langham Estate Management... Read more »

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under cabinet roll out drawer storage from Better RemadeI’m kind of glad that my hallway is taking as long as it is, because as soon as I finish the hallway, I’ll be starting on the pantry. And having this extra time has allowed me to really mull over my plans, tweak them, improve upon them, etc. If you missed my last post about […]

hallway paint color options on hallway doorYesterday, Matt and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, so I set aside house projects for the day. But the day before that (Wednesday) was one of the most frustrating DIY days I’ve had in a very long time. I had one goal — install three new prehung doors in the hallway. That should have […]

hallway cabinet progress with doors and drawer front installed - 4 - cat shaped entrance in side of bottom cabinetI’m finally nearing the end of the building process on the hallway cabinets, which means that I should soon be getting to the fun stuff. Over the last two days, I finished building the cabinet doors (using this easy no-special-tools-needed process I shared here), built the drawer, made the drawer front (just like the cabinet […]

easy DIY cabinet doors - how to make cabinet doors with basic tools - 20 - reinstall hinges and test fit for doorsI contemplated purchasing custom cabinet doors for my hallway cabinets, just like the replacement doors I purchased for my kitchen. But the last order I placed took about six weeks to get here, and I didn’t want to wait that long. So I decided to make my own DIY cabinet doors this time. After watching […]

how to make an easy and inexpensive frame for artwork - 7I took a break from cabinet building yesterday to finish my entryway artwork. Specifically, my artwork needed frames so that I could finally hang them on the wall. I wanted something bold and colorful in the entryway, so about three weeks ago, I did a triptych of fluid acrylic abstract paintings. You can read more […]

studio progress as of 8-1-2017I was looking at my list of 2017 home goals (which you can see here) to see just how much progress I’ve made so far this year, and just how much more I have to do if I want to stay on task. I came to the realization that I probably won’t get all the […]

how to build cabinets- 20 - basic cabinet build finished with boxes trimmed outI finally have some hallway cabinet progress to share with you! I wanted these cabinets configured so that there would be a wide, open cabinet section (open, meaning that the 48-inch-wide section would remain open rather than being sectioned off as two separate 24-inch-wide cabinet sections, but it will have doors on it) on the […]

Great meadow mural from AnthropologieI actually worked on a house project yesterday! It felt really good to get back in there and get my hands dirty again. I worked so slowly that I didn’t even get far enough along to show you anything exciting, but I’ll try again for tomorrow. At least the hallway cabinets are in progress! In […]

All refurbishment works at Phoenix Primary School in Peckham, SE1 were completed in good time for the Autumn term. Works included the conversion of the sports block... Read more »

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We have been awarded a new project for Southern Housing Group. Hogarth Court is a sheltered housing complex with 33 properties based in Whitechapel. This is... Read more »

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wallpapered refrigerator via Country LivingI’ve been planning and dreaming about my pantry for almost a year now, and I’ve come up with somewhere around 20 design plans. And yet I’ve never been satisfied with any of the plans I’ve come up with. So last night, I tried to pinpoint the problem, and realized that I was trying way too […]

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