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"A designer knows when he has reached perfection not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away."

Antione de Sainte-Exupery

front porch ceiling - new framing with angled ceiling - 2Well, I didn’t really intend to go off the radar for a week, but unfortunately I had a horrible relapse with my pinched nerve issue in my shoulder/back/right arm last Friday, and I’ve spent almost the entire week sitting in one spot with my arm propped up, binge watching shows on Netflix in an effort […]

house exterior - front - center viewDon’t worry. It’s just pictures of my house. 😀 I’ve been so frustrated because I’ve looked high and low for “before” pictures of the front of my house and couldn’t find any that showed the entire thing. I have plenty that focus on specific areas of the house, or the front of the house minus […]

Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray exterior from This Sweet Reverie blogFor the longest time now, I’ve had my heart set on a non-neutral color for the exterior of my house. I’ve had my eye on either light yellow (which I tested out on my house in this post), and then I thought about a really light bluish aqua color (like the house at the end […]

studio progress as of 8-1-2017Well, July was a strange month. It was the first month this year that I didn’t get one single thing checked off of my master to-do list for the year, and it was the first month of the year that almost everything that got done around here was accomplished by other people and not by […]

side of studio and breakfast room exterior with new sidingProgress continues to be made on the exterior of the house, and it has been so fun to watch! The side of the studio has new siding, so it’s completely finished now. And for the first time in months, the front of the breakfast room has siding. It has been covered with nothing but Tyvek […]

SONY DSCOn Wednesday, I made the final payment to the general contractor in charge of the garage-to-studio conversion. That company’s part in the conversion/remodel process is officially finished, and the baton has been handed off to me to bring the studio to completion. That will be done through a combination of my own work (I’ll install […]

We’re back at Beormund Primary School in Southwark. Works, which are taking place throughout the school summer holidays, include the internal refurbishment to the School Keeper’s House,... Read more »

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We have now completed the social housing refurbishment at Half Moon Lane for the London Borough of Southwark. The conversion and de-conversion works included the... Read more »

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original color of austin stoneI’m up for painting just about anything — wood, brick, concrete, new, vintage, antique. It doesn’t matter to me. There’s nothing so precious or sacred that I won’t put paint on it. I’m a wood-worshiper and antique-lover’s worst nightmare. I’d buy a 150-year-old Victorian house and paint all of the stained oak wood trim, walls, […]

front exterior with stone and siding more balancedThe siding guys made really good progress on the studio siding yesterday, and I just wanted to stand outside all day so that I could watch, stare, and dream. It has been so fun for me to watch this… …be transformed into this… My once ugly garage is slowly being transformed into this cute little […]

how to build a portico - 37 - finished shingled portico roofI made quite a bit of progress on my portico this weekend! If you missed the first part of this project, you can click here to see Part 1 – Building The Basic Frame. My brother came over and helped me yesterday with the hardest part of the portico project — roofing! Roofing in itself […]

worth home products premier luxury return air grilleMy studio now has air conditioning! And heat, of course. But in the 100+ degree weather right now, heat is the last thing on my mind. So did I go with the ducted split system, or the ductless mini split? I went with…. *drum roll please* …the ducted split system, which sits in the corner […]

how to build a portico - 14 - build second truss and attach 2 x 4 stretcherYesterday I started working on the portico to go over the side door of the studio. These are the two that I chose to use as my inspiration. via Bungalow Restoration original source unkown This is the first project I’ve done in about four weeks because of the back, shoulder and arm issue I’ve been […]

studio doors and windows installed - front and side viewMy studio windows were installed yesterday! And what a difference they make! As of yesterday afternoon, here’s how the front and side of the studio are shaping up. The side with the two windows is the front of the house where the two garage doors used to be… I’m hoping to have siding up this week, […]

garage to studio conversion - framing finished - 8Eight days. That’s how long it took the framers to completely reframe my garage and turn it into something that looks absolutely nothing like a garage. That amazes me. Had I tried to tackle this as a DIY project with my brother’s help, it would have taken us probably eight months to get to this […]

ductless mini split air conditionerSo, my studio is big. Really big. I mean, it’s not huge, but I don’t think any of us envisioned just how big it would be (or look) when it was all reframed with the raised floor and vaulted ceiling. And it’s just big enough that two HVAC guys have said that it could possibly […]

studio ceiling after vaulted ceilingI remembered to get pictures of the new vaulted studio ceiling yesterday, and I have to say, this is the biggest transformation so far. But first, let’s remember what it looked like originally… Now I’m sure many of you looked at that picture and thought, “I can’t tell what’s going on there!” Yep. Exactly. And […]

black and white stripe awning over door from Hunted InteriorSo much progress was made on my studio yesterday! They got the ceiling all vaulted and reframed, and I would show pictures except that by the time I realized I hadn’t taken pictures of the finished framing, they had already boarded up the doorways and window cutouts for the evening, and there’s no electricity in […]

Elevation works have begun at Robert Browning Primary School in SE17. The external refurbishment works will include the overhaul, repair and redecorations to a large number of timber windows and... Read more »

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Following a successful refurbishment project for Susan Clarke Interiors earlier this year we are delighted to be starting work on 2 further residential projects for... Read more »

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7-10-17 - 7 - garage conversion to studio progress - back wall framedY’all, I’m so excited about the progress on my studio! It’s really starting to look like an actual room, and I can actually envision the finished studio now. I was so curious about how they were going to raise the floor to be level with the breakfast room, so I stood around watching probably way […]

garage conversion to studio - week 1 - 4So the good news is that this project is finally underway. I’ve been talking about it and planning it for months, and it was beginning to feel like one of those things that would always be “the plan” but would never actually get started (you know…like our big addition on the back of the house […]

condo after 14The first big finish decision I have to make for my studio is flooring. It’ll still be quite a while before I can actually install flooring in there, but the crew will be here today working on the floor joists, and they might even get some of the subfloor installed. In order for them to […]

7-1-17 - garage and storage room cleared out - 10The year is officially halfway over. Six months down, six to go. And while I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve accomplished during the first half of 2017, I feel like I need to pick up the pace just a bit if I’m going to get through my entire list of goals for this year (which […]

studio plan - NE (front) wallI read all of your comments and input about windows on yesterday’s post, and the ones that really stood out to me were the ones that encouraged me to draw everything to scale to see how it would really look. And then some of you stressed to me that while the outside is important, it’s […]

garage conversion with three windowsThings are about to start moving full speed ahead on the garage conversion, and I’m about two parts super excited, one part nervous, and one part stressed. Yesterday morning I met with the general contractor and he introduced me to Chuy, who will be the project manager on my remodel. He’s the one who will […]

new credenza for entryway - 2Y’all, I still don’t have the walls in my music room finished, and I’m so frustrated with how things aren’t progressing right now. I’ve spent the last six days sitting in bed and trying not to move because of debilitating nerve pain in my back, neck, right shoulder, and right arm. I’ve had pinched nerves before. […]

We have completed a new extension and conversion of the basement to Prima Donnas www.primadonnas.co.uk – a popular Mediterranean restaurant in West Wickham. Works took... Read more »

When school’s out for the Summer holidays we will start conversion and refurbishment works at the Phoenix School in Marlborough Grove, SE1.  Works will include the conversion of... Read more »

entryway with new credenza from Pier 1 - 3It looks like I’ll be stuck reupholstering the sofa myself now, because I opted to get a new credenza for the entryway instead. Okay, I know I’m taking some liberties calling this a credenza. It’s actually this Cooper Pecan Brown Dresser from Pier 1. A post shared by Kristi Linauer (@addicted2decorating) on Jun 14, 2017 at […]

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