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"A designer knows when he has reached perfection not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away."

Antione de Sainte-Exupery

I had planned for my first week of the One Room Challenge to be all about making and installing cabinets in the pantry, but after giving it some thought, I realized that the first project right out of the starting gate really needed to be the marbled resin and alcohol ink tiles that I planned […]

Well, I have a new obsession. I mean, y’all already know that I can’t get enough resin, and I want to resin all the things. And I can’t seem to get enough of these little four-inch resin petries. If you missed that project, you can click here to see how I made them (with a […]

The pantry fun starts today! I’m finalizing my purchase list this morning and heading to Home Depot to get all of my plywood and supplies. I’m so excited to jump right in. But after reading a few comments about the freezer placement yesterday, I do need to make one big decision before I can get […]

Y’all, I’m doing it! I decided to finally do a One Room Challenge as a guest participant. After years of following the other participants, making an afternoon of admiring all of the reveals each season, and wishing I had the nerve to participate, I’ve finally decided to do it. Since I have two areas in […]

Y’all, I spent all afternoon and evening yesterday doing more experimenting with tiles and resin. And this time, at the suggestion of several of you, I tried alcohol inks. After many, many tries (and fails), I finally got my technique down where I could get fairly consistent results. I tried several different color combos, but […]

A couple of weeks ago, I showed y’all these marbled resin tiles made by an artist I follow on Instagram.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Ann Upton (@annupton.art) on Sep 10, 2018 at 12:11pm PDT At the time, I had this idea that I’d love to use those on […]

I’ve been struggling with this decision for quite some time. And quite honestly, I think it is the one thing that has been holding up progress on my pantry for so long. And that decision is… What kind of freezer should I get? If I were using modular, movable storage in my pantry, it wouldn’t […]

We’re making good progress on the £200k social housing project at Beadnell Road for Lewisham Homes. This project in SE23 includes internal and external refurbishment... Read more »

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Y’all! There are only five more days in September! This fact hit me like a ton of bricks this morning. Do you know what that means? That means in five short days, we’ll be in the last quarter of 2018. Just three more months. Ninety-two days. That’s it. This seems like a good time for […]

Last week, I mentioned that my big pixel flower picture in the music room was down for repair. (You can click here to see how I made that pixel picture.) Well, it’s finally finished and back in its place, but this time rather than having a super shiny resin coating (which is pretty much the […]

Well, hey there! I know it’s rare for me to be here on Saturday, but that might change from here on out. When Matt saw how much positive feedback I got on the last “personal stuff” post, he suggested that I continue to do those, but keep them to Saturday. That way y’all don’t feel […]

Y’all, I’ve finally done it. It took a while for me to get here, but I finally made my fabric choices for the living room chairs. These are the chairs I’m talking about… The last time we talked about this topic was a little over a month ago, and I had (or at least I […]

Once upon a time, my entryway looked like this… It featured a triptych of paintings that I did myself (click here to read more about how I made those, and click here to see how I framed them), and I loved those paintings. But then I totally redid my entryway and opted for birds over […]

Have you ever waited a really long time — years, even — to buy something or do something that you knew would make your life easier, and then once you bought or did that thing, you wondered why in the world you waited so long? Yep. That. That’s exactly what I’m feeling right now because […]

I’ve struggled with house-related decisions over the last five years as I’ve worked on various rooms and projects, but I don’t think I’ve struggled with any other decision as much as I have the studio flooring decision. I’ve stood in the flooring aisles of Home Depot and Lowe’s for way longer than I care to […]

I’m back today with more resin petries (my best yet!), as well as a video showing how to make them. These resin petries are fun and easy to make, and while I hate having to wait hours and hours for them to dry, taking them out of the molds is like unwrapping a present. You […]

Works will start soon on a private residential refurbishment project in Bexleyheath. The project includes structural repairs, underpinning and general refurbishment to a Victorian end... Read more »

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We have started on site at HENDRÉ HOUSE & GRANGE HOUSE, a new refurbishment project for the Southwark Framework. Works include external refurbishments plus kitchen... Read more »

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You guys made my day yesterday with all of your comments and compliments on my front porch steps and railings. Thank you! A few of you mentioned that you’d like to see a more wide-angle view from the street. I didn’t want to muck up yesterday’s post with those pictures, but I’ll be happy to […]

I may have taken last week away from the blog, but y’all didn’t miss much. It took me until Friday to finish my front porch steps and railings. But all of that tedious finish work was so well worth the effort, because I absolutely love how these steps and rails turned out! You probably noticed […]

Hi, all! Since I’ve had a few days away from the blog (and a lighter project load with way more downtime) during the last week, I’ve been reading all of your comments and feedback on my last post, and doing a whole lotta thinkin’. So I wanted to write a few follow-up thoughts on last […]

Let me just warn you up front that today’s post isn’t my usual “everything’s great and DIY is so awesome and I’m having a blast over here and getting all kinds of things done” type of post. Because frankly, I’ve kind of reached a breaking point. I just feel angry and resentful, and rather than […]

Well, September hit, and the weather changed here in central Texas. It has been rainy for over a week, with some sun here and there, but not enough to dry out the concrete on the front porch enough for me to finish up the stone facade. So Matt suggested that it’s a good time for […]

Well, y’all, I had big plans yesterday. I was going to get some work done on the porch stone facade while the sun was out, and then I had this cute and easy art project planned that I was going to video from start to finish and share that with y’all today. But none of […]

School refurbishment works continue with an extension of works at OLIVER GOLDSMITH’S in Peckham where external works are being undertaken following the completed playground elevations.... Read more »

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Today I’m sharing the third and final big step in my front porch steps project — building the railing and handrail. Here’s how my finished railing turned out… Now when I say “finished,” I don’t mean that it’s completely finished, of course. It still needs paint and stain. Right now, I’m planning on staining the […]

I’ve been steadily making progress on my front porch steps these past couple of days, and I’m happy to say that the steps are completely built, and the treads are stained! I haven’t done any painting yet, so the risers still look a bit messy. But I’m waiting to so all of the painting at […]

I started working on my front porch steps this weekend, and I got most of the basic framework finished. The steps I’m building are probably different than most steps that you’ve seen. The standard way to build steps is to cut stringers out of 2″ x 10″ or 2″ x 12″ lumber, and to secure […]

I finally finished the one and only DIY project in my kitchen that I had planned for this year, but with a twist. After I painted the kitchen cabinets teal last year, I didn’t put the glass back into the four middle cabinet doors. Those four cabinets started out as regular recessed panel cabinet doors, […]

I’m sure some of you guessed what I was up to lately with all of the random building and upholstery projects. But if you were feeling a bit lost, they were for my entryway. I made a couple of changes. Or, really, all of the changes. And now it’s finally to a point where I […]

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