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"A designer knows when he has reached perfection not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away."

Antione de Sainte-Exupery

Sometimes at the beginning of the month, I post a progress report of how I did on the previous month’s house goals, and what I hope to accomplish in the new month. Well, I’m 11 days late on that this month, but since the beginning of July marks the halfway point of the year, I […]

The carport is finished! Well, not really. The contractor’s portion of the carport is finished. What’s left is up to me, and that includes all of the caulking and painting, among other things. But the contractor is coming over today just to be sure that everything is truly finished, and that there aren’t any little […]

I was beginning to think I’d never get this front porch ceiling done! I generally enjoy at least part of the process of the the projects I tackle, but there was absolutely nothing pleasurable about this one, except for the moment that I put that final brush stroke of paint on it and could call […]

The whole “it’s too pretty to be called a carport” structure project has been very exciting for me from the beginning, but yesterday was a momentous occasion. It was the day I’ve been awaiting for over a month. It was the day that they finally removed the old low ceiling from the back part of […]

I follow quite a few resin artists on Instagram, and I’ve been chomping at the bit to give resin a try myself. One person I follow (whose name I can’t remember for the life of me) uses a brand of resin that allows you to pour it as thick as you want in one pour. […]

Things are moving right along on the carport! The last update I showed you (ten days ago), the carport looked like this… And now it looks like this… When the siding and trim start going up, you know the project is nearing completion. Doesn’t that look awesome!? I’m so pleased with how this is turning […]

Well, I’ve determined that it’s because of all of you. 😀 Okay, I guess that excuse won’t fly. At least not totally. Although I do think that y’all are part of the equation (which I’ll demonstrate shortly), but you are just one part of a much longer equation. And in my defense (yes, I’m being […]

Well, I asked for input on Monday’s post, and y’all didn’t disappoint! 😀 So which of the four fabrics did I choose for the music room chairs? None of them. 😀 I remember one time I had a similar post with options that I was considering for a project (I can’t remember what project, exactly), […]

We have started the 2nd phase of works at Leo’s Den – a Day Nursery in SE1. Our initial internal refurbishment works, here, at the... Read more »

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“Rarely, if ever, in over 3000 CCS reports and visits have I seen such an outstanding positive performance from a SME company; the promotion of... Read more »

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We are ahead of schedule on a first project with the Blackheath Building Consultancy. The internal refurbishment works include the remodelling of a 3-bedroom semi... Read more »

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I finally decided it was time to get my front porch ceiling installed, and to seal up those areas where my attic is open to the great outdoors. When we bought the house, about half of the house was covered in vinyl siding, but the front porch ceiling had metal (aluminum?) siding over the original […]

Dark purple Greek key accent wallI have a new accent wall in my entryway — a dark purple wall with a Greek key border. Now if you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait. What just happened? I could have sworn there was grasscloth there,” then that means you missed this post on Instagram. Unfortunately, there was no fixing it. And the more […]

I’m embarrassed to say that this took almost an entire year, but the music room walls are finally finished! I stenciled these walls in June of last year using Behr Polar Bear (that’s the white color) and Benjamin Moore Classic Gray, and then I added the black Sharpie marker accent on half of the room […]

I’m still working on my unfinished project list (and still fairly confident I can get it finished by the end of the month if the weather will cooperate), but yesterday I took an hour break to go to JoAnn Fabrics and look at some fabric options for the music room chairs. I know some of […]

We have two huge, nice trees on our property, and both of them are oak. The one in the front is literally the sum total of our front yard landscaping right now. If we were to lose that tree, there would be nothing of value left in our front yard. It’s a gorgeous tree, and […]

Y’all, have I got some knowledge to pass along to you today! If you like wallpaper, fabric, and abstract acrylic paintings as much as I do, I think you’ll enjoy this. I want to show you how to turn a very simple acrylic painting into a repeatable pattern that you can use to print on […]

Over the last years that I’ve been remodeling and decorating our house, I’ve had quite a few people say something to me like, “I have no idea how you looked at that house in its original state and saw potential!” I had someone else say that just yesterday, so it got me to thinking about […]

There has been some serious progress made on the carport in the 15 days since I last updated you. In fact, I think the last time I showed you any progress here on the blog, it looked like this… That wasn’t really a carport. That was just a whole lot of concrete. It’s not really […]

We are delighted that Ben Benson, one of our Site Managers, has been awarded the prestigious Scheme Hero Award by the Considerate Constructor Scheme. We... Read more »

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Over the last three months, my absolute favorite area rug ever — the colorful purple one in the living room — went from bright and beautiful to brown, dingy and downright disgusting. It’s not because I live in a filthy house. I’ll admit that I’m a clutter bug, but clutter and filth are different things. […]

A few of you said that you were going to join me on my half-finished project challenge, so how are y’all doing on it? My work on my list got off to a late start because I was too busy obsessing over my pixel art that took an obscene amount of time. But I’m off […]

carport progress - large concrete pad for parking plus new wheelchair ramp for MattI now have quite a bit of new concrete at my house, with the new carport pad and wheelchair ramp… …and we’re not even halfway done. We’re still going to have a new driveway poured at some point in the (hopefully near) future, and that’s going to be a HUGE amount of concrete. And then […]

carport progress - large concrete pad for parking plus new wheelchair ramp for MattThe carport is coming along nicely, although it still doesn’t look like an actual carport since there’s no roof. But I now have a large concrete pad for parking the cars, as well as this amazing new wheelchair ramp for Matt. Here’s a quick video I did showing the progress so far… (If that video […]

Today is May 25th. Already. That means that in 36 days (did I count that right?), this year will be halfway over. And I find that in the last months, I’ve fallen back into my bad habit of leaving projects half-finished and moving on to something else. It’s a personality thing. I don’t know if […]

Progress is being made on the carport, but I’ll admit that this stage of the project is way slower than I’d like. It didn’t help that we had a ton of rain on Sunday, so that delayed progress because the ground was way too wet. But at least a bit of progress has been made […]

I got a chance to use the table that I built specifically for doing liquid acrylic pour paintings (you can see how I built it here), and it worked out very well! As suspected, after using it, I did realize that there are a couple of modifications I’d like to make, but overall, I was […]

I had intended to include a video tour of my back yard and the back exterior of my house in yesterday’s post, but after a series of frustrating technical difficulties, I finally gave up. But I finally got things working last night, so I wanted to go ahead and share the video since I don’t […]

The good news is that the carport addition has been scheduled! They’re supposed to begin work in two days (on the 18th), weather permitting. I’m so exciting about getting this done now. It was totally out of the blue, and had my neighbors not had their covered patio built now, I probably never would have […]

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