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"A designer knows when he has reached perfection not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away."

Antione de Sainte-Exupery


Last night, I went into the living room with an armful of fabrics to make some decisions about the pillows for my sofa. I headed over to the light switch to switch on all of the lights. For a split second, I was confused when I flipped that last switch and nothing happened. It took a second for me to remember that I no longer have a light there! 😀 Until a few weeks ago, I had this this Horchow capiz shell chandelier in the living room… I love that chandelier, but the more I looked at pictures of this evolving room (which is still not finished — I still need to reupholster chairs, make pillows, etc.), the more the chandelier and the artwork above the fireplace being together in the same view bothered me. The chandelier is round and made of hundreds of pieces of capiz shell in the same shape, and the artwork is round and made of hundreds of wood tasting spoons in the same shape. It was just too much. Sometimes repeating elements in a room is a very good thing. But this wasn’t a situation like that. These two items had the same general idea, […]

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DIY utensil drawer organizer - 12

This week, I decided to focus on two organization projects that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time — getting my two messiest kitchen drawers under control with a bit of purging followed with some DIY utensil drawer dividers. I wish I had taken a picture of my silverware drawer before I emptied it out, but just imagine all of your silverware dumped into a drawer with no organization and no dividers. That was my drawer. I used to have one of those plastic silverware dividers that you get at basically any store that sells housewares. But what I don’t like about those is that they never fill up the entire drawer. So over time, I start filling in the open areas around that plastic divider tray with random junk. So instead of just buying a new plastic silverware divider tray for my drawer, I decided to divide the drawer up myself using the small 1/4-inch-thick project boards that you can find at home improvement stores, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etc. The ones I purchased were 1/4-inch by 3 inches by 4 feet. Here’s what my silverware drawer looked like before I added the dividers… And here’s the new, improved, […]

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hallway hardwood flooring installation 9

I’m so close to finishing the hardwood flooring installation in the hallway! And the only reason I didn’t finish yesterday is because the last three boards needed to be cut on my table saw, which I have set up outside, and it was too late to use the saw. I try not to use my saws outside after 9:00pm, and I wasn’t ready for those boards until about 10:30pm. So I’ll finish up those last three today. When I started working yesterday, I had already installed most of the hallway, so I just had about 2.5 feet of the hallway left, plus the entrance into the home gym… So I would say I was about 2/3 of the way done when I started yesterday. And yet, that last 1/3 of the flooring took me longer than the first 2/3. It’s always easier and faster to install in open areas, and I had already finished the main open areas on day one. On day two, I had to start on this area close to the wall. I was only able to to about two more rows using the mallet and flooring nailer. After those two rows, I did the rest with […]

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color inspiration - pink and white striped bathtub

Welcome to the first installment of my color inspiration series! As I mentioned a few days ago, almost all of my time that I spend on Instagram is spent in search of colorful room inspiration. I scroll quickly past the endless stream of neutral rooms, and as soon as I find something colorful, I stop and savor it and save it. I’ve been hoarding these pictures for quite some time now, and since so many of you answered on the reader survey that you enjoy general decorating inspiration even when it has nothing to do with my house or projects, I thought I’d start sharing some of these inspiring photos that I’ve been hoarding for myself all of this time. 😀 I don’t know that these posts will always have a theme, but today’s does because my obsession with pink seems to be growing. So let me show you some of my favorite rooms with pink… 1. Amazing pink and white striped bathtub with matching pink and white striped wall, from @catchpoleandrye This is one of those pictures that I scroll across and my first response is to gasp with awe. And then I wonder, “Would I ever have the […]

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hallway hardwood flooring installation - 2

Note: If you’re not interested in flooring, please scroll down to the end of this post and read an important message from me!! Yesterday, I got started on the installation of the hardwood flooring in the hallway, and I got about 2/3 of the way through. At one time, I had mentioned trying a herringbone pattern for the hallway, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I didn’t want to introduce yet another pattern in this small area. My hallway bathroom is bright and colorful, the hallway has striped walls, and as I showed you yesterday, I want the guest bedroom to be fun and colorful as well. And I have something really interesting planned for the home gym. So I wanted to keep the hallway floor calm. Plus, every time I come across this older picture of the hallway and music room, I just love how the flooring is all continuous through this area… So I decided to keep it simple and install the new flooring just like the original flooring. Here’s the progress I made… Some parts of this installation were a little tricky for this DIYer (although they would have been a breeze […]

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guest bedroom - marbled paper for option as wallpaper

I’ve been thinking ahead to the accent wall that I want to do behind the headboard in the guest bedroom. Before I get to that project, I still need to install the missing flooring in the hallway and home gym (which I’ll be working on today), and then get all of that flooring (guest bedroom, hallway, home gym) refinished. Then it’ll need a bit to cure before I can cover it and move on to the fun stuff (i.e., adding color and pattern) to the guest bedroom. So I’ve still got a while, but I want to be ready to go with an idea when that day comes. That means that if I want to design some custom wallpaper, I need to design it now so that I can get it ordered. If I want to do another design, I’ll need to make sure I have everything I need on hand. Anyway, my vision for that room is to have picture frame molding on the walls. I want tall boxes (i.e., no chair rail separating a top section from a bottom section). Behind the headboard, I want one large box like this… The teal represents the headboard, and the brown […]

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reader survey - gender

Thank you so much to those of you who participated in my reader survey last week! I had about 2,000 people respond, and it was so much fun going over the info and learning more about the people who read my blog. I can’t say that there were any truly shocking revelations about who you are, but there were some results that made me say, “Hmmm…that’s interesting.” 😀 So who are you? Here’s what I learned… What is your gender? Okay, this one actually did shock me a little. Of course, I’ve known for quite some time (since the beginning, really) that the majority of my readers are female. But there’s quite a range of possibilities between 51% and 100%. I had no idea that the actual number would fall so close to the 100% mark!! 😀 What is your relationship status? This one didn’t shock me, but it was interesting to see that so many of you are married, and many of you had write-in answers along the lines of “long-term relationship but not married” or “living with significant other for many years.” So all of you who are married, combined with those of you in long-term relationships and […]

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master bathroom demo day 15

Well, y’all, I almost didn’t show up today to report in about my C.O.P.ing (cleaning, organizing, purging) for this last week, because…well, it was an abysmal failure. But then I thought that maybe coming here and reporting on my abysmal failure might keep me more motivated and accountable in the future. So here I am. 🙂 I mean, I didn’t put one single ounce of effort into keeping my kitchen clean, or keeping my floors vacuumed, or doing any sort of purging, or organizing a single thing. Not one ounce of effort. I’m not really sure what happened this week to make me fail so completely in the COPing department. I do know that two nights, I worked on the guest bedroom until about midnight. The last thing I wanted to do was wash dishes or vacuum after that. I just wanted to climb into bed and sleep. But really, things have been “off” since last week. I wasn’t sleeping well at all towards the end of last week, in part because I was anxious about Saturday (demo day on the master bathroom), but also just general problems sleeping and staying asleep throughout the night. By the time Saturday got […]

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guest bedroom diy closets - 9

I’m almost finished building the guest bedroom closets! I have one minor adjustment to make, and then more trim to add, but I’ll show you the progress to date. The last time I showed you the closet progress, they looked like this… And after my work day yesterday, they now look like this… Of course, the crown molding at the top will continue around the room, but I just didn’t have time to put the rest of it up yesterday. Anyway, not to shabby, right? Now I know some of you might be thinking, “But Kristi, you said you were going to use sliding doors!” Yep, that’s what I said. And that’s what I did. I just didn’t want these doors to look so huge, so I made them so that they are single doors that appear to be double doors. But each closet just has one single sliding door on it. Now from the picture above, you’ve probably spotted the adjustment I’ll have to make. I didn’t realize initially that I’d have to use such a large header piece to cover up the closet door roller hardware. I ended up having to use a 1″ x 8″ board and […]

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kitchen remodel with teal cabinets and white subway tile on walls

This year, Addicted 2 Decorating will be 13 years old. That’s hard for me to believe. Y’all, I’ve been blogging here for 13 years! Anyway, I’ve really been contemplating just where I want to go with this blog. Do I want the content to stay as it’s been? Is it time for me to maybe contemplate working with brands? Do I want to really focus on doing what it takes to start hosting workshops? Do I need to focus more on video content? Thirteen years of focusing on and writing this blog has been so fun (and don’t worry, I’m not shutting it down!!), but I think it might be time to expand my vision for Addicted 2 Decorating a bit. But I can’t know the direction I need to go until I know more ABOUT YOU! Because after all, without you, there would be no Addicted 2 Decorating. So I wondered if you might do me a huge favor and take a quick survey (it’ll only take about two minutes) and tell me more about yourself. ALL RESPONSES ARE ANONYMOUS. I don’t ask any personally identifying information, so there’s no way for me to know who is answering the […]

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master bathroom demo day 2

Saturday was demo day on our old master bedroom, which is the room I’ll be turning into a master bathroom. You can see where that room is situated on this floor plan… Keep in mind that the areas in coral at the back (master bedroom, laundry room, walk-in closet, and family room) don’t actually exist yet. I mean, there’s a huge sunroom and a tiny master bathroom in those areas now, but both of those will be torn down to make room for these new areas in the future. Anyway, after getting this room cleaned out and ready for demolition on Friday (this was my main C.O.P. project for the week), it looked like this… And at the end of demo day on Saturday, it looked like this… The room is completely torn down to ceiling joists, wall studs, and floor joists. This room is totally open to the ground beneath the house right now, which is a little bit unsettling, but I keep the doorway between this room and the home gym blocked off with a big sheet of foam insulation (the one I use on the floor when I cut plywood with my circular saw). It was a […]

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master bathroom - room empty and ready for demo - 1

Y’all, it was a good week for me in the C.O.P. category! (C.O.P. = cleaning, organizing, purging.) Week #1 was all about cleaning and purging so it was easy to focus. During week #2, I tried to continue forming those daily habits, and incorporating them into normal life. I learned that it’s a bit more challenging to continue with those daily cleaning habits in the course of normal life (i.e., when cleaning and purging isn’t my single focus for the week). So how did I do on the third week? I did great! I cleaned my kitchen and vacuumed (my two habits that I’m concentrating on forming this month) every single day! Woohoo!! It feels so good having a clean house! Of course, it’ll feel so much better once the hallways and bedrooms are no longer a construction zone. It’s hard to keep a clean floor when the floor in those rooms is covered with dust from drywall mud and sawdust from my current building project. But hopefully very soon, I can get that floor finished, and keeping a clean floor will be much easier. In the meantime, I bought this Bissel Spinwave mop. It’s amazing!! I actually love mopping […]

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I’m still working on the guest bedroom closets, but when my mind wanders, do you know what I think about? Obsess about? Get the most excited about? You might think it’s the master bathroom, since demo day is tomorrow. But nope. It’s our future home gym. And y’all, evidently Instagram can read my thoughts, because every time I get on Instagram lately, I’m bombarded by ads for exercise equipment. And I’m pretty sure these are things I can’t live without! 😀 I NEED these in our home gym. I mean, who doesn’t need the Feetup Trainer. 😀 Never mind the fact that I haven’t done any kind of inversion anything since high school. I want this. I need this! 😀 And then there’s the Bootysprout. I mean, I’d buy it for the name alone! Well done, marketing team! And finally, there’s The DB Method. If I do this 15 minutes a day for 30 days, I’ll look like her, right? I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. There’s another exercise machine that they’ve been showing me lately, and I’m sure I need that one also. Sadly, I can’t remember the name, but I’m sure I’ll see it as soon as […]

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Well, now that we have all of that dishwasher nonsense behind us 😀 , we can move on to more pressing matters, like our guest bedroom. If you’ve been following me on Instagram stories, you already know that I’ve made a bit of progress on the built-in closets that are going on either side of the window. For those of you who haven’t been following along behind the scenes, let me get you caught up. This is where the closet project stands as of this morning… The plan is that the closet on the left will have two hanging bars inside. The closet on the right will also have two hanging bars, but it will be partitioned in a way that part of the upper bar will allow for full-height storage for long items that would hang past the lower bar. But I’ll get to more of that later. The more pressing issue is the doors. I couldn’t decide what type of doors to put on the closets — standard swinging doors or sliding barn door-style doors. If I used standard swinging doors, each closet would have two doors, split in the middle, and installed on hinges. You know…like standard […]

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why i don't need a dishwasher - a visual demonstration

Yes, I really am writing a post about a dishwasher. 😀 I don’t know why, but getting rid of a dishwasher in a kitchen (especially in America) seems unconscionable to many people. It’s actually quite controversial for some reason. Every time I mention not using mine (I’ve used it maybe four times since remodeling my kitchen in 2014) or getting rid of my dishwasher and replacing it with some more useful storage (which I hope to do this year), I get comments from people urging me to keep it. I went to the comment section in the admin part of my blog and just searched the word “dishwasher” to see how many comments had been left on this topic. There were 242 dishwasher comments. That’s a lot of comments about dishwashers! 😀 Not all of the comments were from people urging me to keep mine. In fact, I had many comments from people who never use their dishwasher (many had removed it completely and replaced it with useful storage) and only ever wash dishes by hand. But the majority were from people who said they could never live without a dishwasher, and a large percentage of those were comments urging […]

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COP week 2 - fireplace at night

Remember my first week of C.O.P. (cleaning, organizing, purging)? I was on fire, y’all! I ended that week with a huge box of recycling, eight bags of trash, lots of furniture and random items hauled away by The Salvation Army, and a clean home. If you missed that, you can read about it here. And if you’re wondering what the heck this C.O.P. stuff is all about, you can read about that here. Well, this last week, I learned that incorporating this as a lifestyle into normal life is a bit more challenging than I thought. The difference is that during the first week, my entire focus for the whole week was cleaning and purging. And when you focus on that and nothing else all day every day for an entire week, it’s really easy to end up with eight contractor bags of stuff to throw out, a clean home, and a laser focus on keeping the “busy” areas of your house clean every single day. This last week, I learned that incorporating those habits into regular daily life (i.e., regular life where cleaning and purging isn’t my focus, but working on projects is my focus) is going to take […]

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kitchen before remodel - 2013

If you’re DIYing your way through a years-long remodel like I am, it’s easy to forget the journey and only focus on the end products. The problem with that is that it becomes easy to forget all the work you’ve done, and to get down on yourself for not getting enough done. That’s easy for me to do since I’ve been working on our house for six years so far, and there’s still so much that I haven’t done. I was starting to feel a bit like that these past few days, and then last night I came across a picture that stopped me in my tracks. Y’all, I couldn’t remember my house actually looking like that until I saw the picture. And then all of the work I had done came flooding back to me. I have done so much work on this house, at times with help, and at other times by myself, and I am so proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. For example, I remembered the “before” pictures of my kitchen. Those images are burned into my brain. But these pictures that lie somewhere between the “before” and the “after” had been lost in my […]

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music room with teal bookcases - 4

As you may have predicted, I decided to paint my music room bookcases all teal. It’s what I wanted to try, and then when the majority of you (much to my surprise) said to go for it, I finally had the courage to try. And I absolutely love it!! I finished last night, and was excited to get up this morning to take pictures to show you. Unfortunately, I woke up to the absolute dreariest day imaginable. It’s like I woke up in Oregon on a gray, drizzly winter day with not a ray of sunlight to be seen. *Sigh* Oh well. I’m still going to show you how it turned out, but it looks different on a dreary, sunlight-free day than it does on a typical sunny Texas day. But here are my new all teal music room bookcases… Probably the most shocking thing to you is that I went with an all-neutral scheme for the items on the shelves. I had actually intended to cover all of our books with new pink dust jackets, but I couldn’t find plain pink paper anywhere locally. I mean, I found scrapbook paper, but that’s not big enough for dust jackets. So […]

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teal kitchen - view from living room doorway towards back of breakfast room

You know how many bloggers and Instagrammers come up with a “word of the year” at the beginning of the year? It’s supposed to be motivational and introspective and stuff. Well, I’ve never been much of one for a “word of the year.” That type of thing just isn’t really me. Until this year. This year, I have a “word of the year.” Are you ready? Here it comes. My 2020 word of the year is… COP Yes, that’s right. COP. 😀 Are you feeling inspired? Motivated? Introspective? Okay, in reality, I never meant for that to be a “word of the year.” I meant for it to be my main overarching goal for this year, and it didn’t even dawn on me until last night that I could actually make a word (or, a “word of the year”) out of this goal that I’ve been thinking about and strategizing over my end-of-the-year break. So for my word to make sense, I need to explain that this is an acronym. It would be more accurately written C.O.P. And what does that stand for? Clean, Organize, Purge This is my overarching goal for the year. I mentioned this a couple of […]

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finished DIY porch steps with handrails and finials

For the last few years, I’ve been starting off each new year with a list of home goals that I’d like to accomplish during the year. Some years (2018, for example) I stay laser focused on that list. Other years (*ahem*…2019) I tend to veer off track. But I still find making these lists to be very helpful because it gives me a big, overarching picture of what still needs to be done. So this year, I hope to have a repeat of 2018, where I have a laser focus and just plow right through this list throughout the year. I always make my lists unreasonably long. In other words, there’s no way I can actually accomplish ALL of this during one calendar year. But making a way-too-long list gives me options. If I only have 10 items on my list, and all of them are projects that I’m dreading, then I’ll drag my feet and find excuses to do other things. But if I have a list of 50 things, then I can almost always pick my top 10 things from that list and get them done. And that generally motivates me to tackle the things I don’t really […]

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As I mentioned yesterday, my first week of COPing my house has been hugely successful. (C.O.P. = cleaning, organizing, purging, i.e., my goal for this year). If you’d like to read about the genesis of this C.O.P. goal, you can read about that here. Not only have I made some major headway in clearing out my house and getting things clean, but I’ve learned a whole lot about myself in the process. But I know you want to see the results, right? Here is the result of my week one purge… Now if you’ll remember, my goal was one black contractor bag each week. Can you see how many are here? Eight. That’s eight contractor bags, my friends! EIGHT! And that doesn’t even include the two that I filled while cleaning up the carport area, and that I put on my trash pile out back. So really, there were ten total. But I’ll just count these eight because these actually came from inside my house. And you’ll notice that in addition to those eight bags, I also have a box (about 24″ x 36″) filled with recycling, which is mostly Amazon boxes that I’ve just been tossing into the sunroom […]

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current music room with backs of bookcases painted dark teal, dark teal doors, and white and gray walls

As you know, I’ve been COPing the heck out of my house this week. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read more here and here.) And during this process, I’ve uncovered many books and decorative items that have been packed away for a while now. Well, one of the items on this year’s house goals list is to finally decorate my music room bookshelves. And since I was unboxing all of this stuff, it seemed like it would be an easy task, and something I could quickly cross off of my list. But I didn’t get it done. The reason? I’m still not sold on color. And the color of the bookcases will most definitely determine how I decorate them. When I first built the bookcases to flank the doors that I made (yes, I made those doors, and you can click here to see how), I painted the bookcases all white, and painted the doors black. This is how that looked… Then after I finished the entryway wall, which I painted dark teal, I decided to paint the doors dark teal as well. Then I was inspired to paint the backs of the bookcases […]

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dana k white decluttering at the speed of life

Y’all, this has been the absolute best start to a new year that I’ve had in many years! I know some of you are wondering when the fun projects are going to start, and I promise that they’re coming. I plan to start in the guest bedroom with building the closets. Then I’ll move on to repairing and refinishing the flooring in the guest bedroom, hallway, and home gym. Then I’ll turn my attention back to the guest bedroom and get that finished up so that Matt and I can move into that room, which will give us our breakfast room back. But for now, I’m doing life-changing stuff, y’all! And I say that half joking, but also half serious. Last Friday, I wrote a post about my “word of the year.” You can click that link to read about it, or just get the CliffsNotes version here. My word is C.O.P., which stands for cleaning, organizing, and purging. I hit “publish” on that post, and was fully determined to get started immediately on that goal. But as I always do when a task or project overwhelms me, I procrastinated. I don’t think I got anything done that day in […]

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tree limb left on my roof by A-1 Affordable Services in Waco, Texas, owned by Michael Brooks -- TERRIBLE SERVICE -- AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Y’all, have I got a story to tell you! Now before I start, let me just say that if I were to share every single one of my bad customer service experiences with you, that’s all this blog would be. I’m sure you’ve noticed, as I have, that customer service is a thing of the past, and I’ve experienced terrible customer service at one time or another at just about every place I patronize on a regular basis. But this particular experience was so egregious, so beyond the pale, that my goal here is not only to regale you with a story of my terrible experience, but also to get this info online in a searchable way so that if anyone else in the Waco area thinks to hire these people, and thinks to google the name(s) first, they’ll hopefully land on this page and see my experience. These people shouldn’t be in business. Period. So let me tell you my experience with A-1 Affordable Services in Waco, Texas, owned/operated by Michael Brooks and his assistant Josh McClendon III. The nightmare starts… This nightmare started on Thursday, December 26th, when I was returning home from the grocery store and pulled […]

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Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ve eaten your way through the last month and have arrived at today feeling like you’d be just fine if you don’t eat another bite of food for at least a month. This is about the time of year people start thinking about their New Year’s resolutions, and it seems like for most people (including myself) that always includes something to do with health and fitness. So if you’re in that same boat, and you’re ready to get healthy in the new year, come join our next 60-Day Keto Challenge! This upcoming challenge will be our third 60-day challenge, and it’s a great place to learn the ropes with the keto diet, to be accountable to others, and to get encouragement from others people who are walking the same path. The group is always filled with some people who are giving the keto diet a try for the very first time, and others who are keto veterans who can answer questions and give great advice to the new folks. Lifestyle changes like this are always easier when you’re doing it with a group of people who are walking the same path. And if you […]

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finished studio half bathroom - 1

The year is coming to a close, and we’re only about a week away from 2020! I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around that. For the last few years, I’ve been making lists of home goals filled with projects that I’d like to get done during the year, and 2019 was no exception. And then at the end of the year, I like to look back and see just how I did on achieving those goals. So, how did I do on 2019? Well, I got a lot accomplished this year, but not nearly as much as I had hoped. And while I do feel like that to some degree at the end of every year, I feel like 2019 was different. In 2018, I had such clear focus, I worked incredibly hard and diligently, I kept my to do list always at the forefront of my mind. 2019 was different. I went for long stretches of time (sometimes three months) without even referring back to my “to do” list for the year. I completely forgot that I even had a list at one point. This year felt more scattered and disorganized. But even with all of […]

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How to build a plywood edge grain herringbone coffee table

My living room coffee table is finished! Y’all, this might be my favorite thing I’ve ever built. If not my favorite, it’s definitely in my top five. Here’s how it turned out… Isn’t that pretty!? And it’s plywood! Not just plywood, but the edge grain of plywood. As in, the part that most people generally try to cover up. But instead of covering it up, I made it the feature of this coffee table. Here’s a video of the process… You’ll have to give me a little grace with that video. I waited until yesterday to do my narration, and of course, I woke up with a cold. I couldn’t breathe out of my nose at all, and I had watery eyes, constant sneezing, and a sore throat. It was like Monica Geller in The One with Rachel’s Sister (a.k.a., the one where Monica was sick) narrating a video. But in the end, it all worked out fine…d. Fine…d. (It’s a really hard word to say!) 😀 And by the way, if you’re ever wondering about my tool and product recommendations for DIYers, you can see what I use and recommend in my Amazon Storefront. Click here to find that. […]

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Remodel progress on the hallway, guest bedroom and home gym

Y’all, the remodel on the bedrooms and hallway is getting exciting! I’ve moved past the sadness of losing the floor in the hallway, and having so much of my work in the hallway undone. Now I’m just excited about what’s to come, and having a pretty guest bedroom (which we’ll use as our bedroom for a while) and an awesome home gym. You can see a video of the progress here… The new wall has been built in the hallway, and you can now see what the new size will be. The back wall of the hallway has been moved forward about three feet, and the doorway that went into the master bedroom (on the right) has been framed up and will be drywalled over. Just as a refresher, this is what it looked like before… So after all is said and done, there will be one less doorway in this hallway. The hallway bathroom is staying just as is, and then there will be two other doors — one to the guest bedroom (on the left in the picture below) and one to the home gym (on the right in the picture below). If you need a better visual […]

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We are currently on site in London’s West End for the Langham Estate. Works include the commercial refurbishments to 15-18 plus 19 Margaret Street. We... Read more »

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We have completed internal refurbishment and remodelling works at the Woolwich Town Hall for the Royal Borough of Greenwich. See more pictures and information here... Read more »

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