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"A designer knows when he has reached perfection not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away."

Antione de Sainte-Exupery

Matt and I have finally reached a compromise on the addition. If you’ll remember, Matt was ready at the beginning of the year to start on the addition. I wasn’t. And I’m still not. If you’re pretty new around here, let me explain. Right now, our house looks something like this… But we plan to eventually tear down the existing “master bathroom” (I use that term lightly) and sunroom, and add a family room, utility/laundry room, and master bedroom. Then the current master bedroom would be converted into a master bathroom. That would look something like this… And no, I still don’t know where the master bedroom closets would go. 🙂 But that’s not important right now. While Matt has been ready to get started on this addition, I’ve been dragging my feet. Why? Well, first of all, we’d have to take out a loan to get the addition done. Our plan has been to save up the money and then do the addition, paying for it all in cash. But it’s hard to save money when we keep spending it on other things. The garage-to-studio conversion, the carport, and the new front sidewalk were in the $65.000 range, plus […]

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painted chevron floor pattern with wood tannins bleeding through

A little over a week ago, I painted a black and white chevron design on the back entry floor. Before I painted that design, the floor had been wood filled, sanded and stained with one coat of white tinted wood stain. I didn’t do any other prep work before painting the floor because I thought it might be charming to see the wood grain through the white paint. At first, it looked great. If you missed the post about how I created and painted that design, you can see it here… Painted Black And White Chevron Floor Design I protected that painted design with one coat of clear polyurethane and was going to coat it three more times after I finished the whitewashing process on the rest of the floor so that it could all be clear coated at the same time. But a day or two later, I started noticing bleed through on the floor. A few of the floor boards evidently had an abundance of tannins in them, and the dark color started bleeding through the white painted areas. Unlike what I had envisioned, there was nothing charming about this. And as much as it shows it pictures, […]

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finished whitewashed red oak hardwood floors

My floors are done, and while whitewashing red oak hardwood floors is a huge job, I think it was very well worth the effort and hard work. My studio is so light and bright, and I don’t think it would look like that with dark stained floors. I finished the floors last night, so I couldn’t walk on them to take pictures until this morning. Unfortunately, the early morning sun was pouring through the front windows and making it impossible to take pictures without glares on my floor, so I’ll get better pictures later today. But for now, here’s how my whitewashed red oak floors look… I’ll have to admit that I was very unsure about this whole process. The whole thing was a guessing game for me — trial and error — and I was figuring it out as I went along. Fortunately, I didn’t have much error, and the whole project went pretty smoothly. And in the end, the results far exceeded my expectations. I could not be happier with my whitewashed red oak floors! I explained in a previous post how I did a custom stain mix for the floor, and how the whole staining process went. […]

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How I trim my windows and doors

I’ve had a few requests lately for a step-by-step demonstration of how I trim my windows and doors. I’ve shown this a couple of times before, but I looked back at those posts, and they were kind of confusing even for me. 😀 So I’ll attempt to make things as easy and clear as possible this time. I think you’ll be amazed at how easy these window casings (and door casings) are to create. The absolute best thing is that there are no miter cuts!! Everything is square cut, and yet you end up with something that looks custom and very substantial. I’m trimming windows that have never had trim installed on them before, so that means that I’m starting from the very beginning. If your windows are already trimmed, and you’re just wanting to install a different style, that means you probably already have jambs installed, so you can skip ahead a few steps. This is what my window looked like before I got started… If you’re starting with newly installed windows like I am, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that the drywall is cut flush with the framing around the window, and also […]

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I had enough people ask me about purchasing the big, bold, watercolor floral wallpaper that I created for my studio that I went ahead and purchased the commercial license from the artist who originally painted the watercolor flowers so that I could offer the wallpaper to the public via Spoonflower. You can find the wallpaper here. When you click on that link, you’ll find several options. You can choose between water-activated or peel-and-stick wallpaper. I used the water-activated since it costs less, and I had no problems with it at all. I shared some installation tips here… Studio Wallpaper Is Up! (Plus, Tips For Installing Spoonflower Wallpaper) You can also choose to order a swatch, a standard roll (which is 12 feet long) or you can choose a custom length roll. The custom length is the option I chose for the studio wall, and unless you have 12-foot walls in your room, I highly suggest ordering custom length rolls. That way you have virtually zero waste. My wall was just under 8 feet high, so I chose to have 8-foot rolls printed. Each roll was printed identically, which made matching the pattern very easy. (Don’t forget about that 3/4-inch overlap!) […]

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Bright and bold watercolor floral wallpaper from Spoonflower on main wall of studio - closeup

My plan for the weekend was to finish my floors. As of Friday, they still needed three more coats of polyurethane. Well, as of this morning, they still need three more coats of polyurethane. 😀 You see, my plans completely changed when I looked out the front door right before lunch on Saturday and spotted a package that looked like it could hold about eight rolls of wallpaper. I was so surprised, because FedEx tracking said it would be here today (Monday) by 9:00pm. But I tore that box open, and sure enough. There were eight rolls of gloriously bold, beautiful and colorful floral Spoonflower wallpaper inside. Needless to say, the floors got put on hold (the two coats of poly that were already on them were enough to protect them during this somewhat easy project), and right after lunch, I got busy installing wallpaper. But I couldn’t stop there, so yesterday, I installed the casing around the windows. I didn’t get it wood-filled, sanded, caulked or painted, but even in its unfinished form, I could see this wall start coming together. Here’s how it looks as of this morning… I said I wanted that wall to look like an […]

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whitewashed red oak hardwood floor

I had hoped to be able to show you my completely finished studio floor today, but I didn’t quite get everything done. BUT…I did get the entire whitewashing process finished, and I was way too excited about how things turned out to wait until Monday to show you. So to this point, I installed the floors (obviously 😀 ), rented the big drum sander and sanded the floor, stained the floor with a custom mix of whitewash stain, painted a black and white chevron design on the back entry floor, and added two coats of white-tinted polyurethane. I still need need to do three coats of clear polyurethane on the floor (four coats on the painted part, since I didn’t use the white-tinted poly on that part). But since those clear coats of poly shouldn’t affect the color at all, what I have now should be the finished color. So just a reminder, I started out with unfinished red oak hardwood flooring, which looked like this… Red oak, as the name would suggest, has some very obvious red and pink undertones, and I didn’t want my finished floor to be red/pink. So now, after the whitewashing process, the floor looks […]

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painted black and white chevron floor design - 15

Y’all know that for months now, I’ve been dreaming of having a black and white design on the floor in the back entry of my studio. Whether I used tile or hardwood flooring, I was determined to have a black and white design in place of a rug. (Rugs and floor cloths just aren’t wheelchair friendly, and this area needs to be easily accessible to Matt.) Well, I finally got my design painted, and just in time because my polyurethane for the floor should be arriving today! I went with a black and white painted chevron floor design, and here’s how it turned out… Please excuse my dusty walls and doors. 🙂 Those of you who are able to rent truly dust-free drum sanders for hardwood flooring where you live are very fortunate. I’ve only found one place in the Waco area that rents drum floor sanders, and let’s just say that they’re FAR from dust-free. I got the walls in the studio cleaned off, but clearly I overlooked this back entry. 😀 Now it’ll have to wait until the floors are polyurethaned, because I don’t want to stir up dust right before I polyurethane the floors. Anyway, back to […]

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Studio whitewashed red oak hardwood flooring

My whitewashed red oak floor isn’t finished yet, but we did get the most important (and definitely the most difficult) step finished yesterday — the actual whitewashing of the wood floor. So I wanted to show you how it turned out, and also share the whitewash stain formula that I ended up using. The floor still needs to be polyurethaned, and that will happen later this week. I ordered the polyurethane late, so it’s not scheduled to arrive until Wednesday. I’ll also be adding some white universal tint to the polyurethane to brighten and smooth out the finish a bit more, so the final floor should be a bit whiter and brighter than it is now. But this first step was a very good start towards cutting the red and pink undertones of the red oak floor, and giving the floor a nice, bright appearance. Before I show you the whitewashed floor, let me remind you just how red red oak flooring really is… Many of you suggested that I just seal the floor in its natural state, but red oak is way too red (pink, actually) in its natural state for my personal taste, and any clear sealer (yes, […]

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studio floors during sanding

Y’all, it’s been a hard, exhausting week. Let’s just say that when the week starts off with a sewage geyser inside your house, it doesn’t really set a good tone for the week. It took a couple of days for me to get things back to normal and recover from that catastrophe. If you missed that excitement, you can read about it here… So, I Had A Crappy Weekend (In The Most Literal Sense) Fortunately, there was no extensive damage. The floors and subfloor are fine, so that’s good news. I’ll be honest. After that happened, I kind of just wanted to check out for the week. Having something like that happen in a room that I’ve spent so much time and effort remodeling was so discouraging and demotivating. But Wednesday afternoon, I finally decided that it was stupid to let one really bad experience like that derail an entire week. I needed to find my motivation again. And rather than sitting around and waiting to feel motivated, I decided to put action first, and hope that the feeling of motivation would eventually follow. So I called the equipment rental place to reserve the drum sander and edge sander for […]

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Colorful small bathroom makeover with coral vanity, wood countertop, floral shower curtain, and white painted mosaic tile accent.

I know some of you are showing up here to day excited to see my newly sanded and whitewashed studio floor. If that’s the case, you will be disappointed, because I didn’t make any progress at all on the floor. For some reason, it didn’t even dawn on me to call early (Thursday or Friday) to reserve the drum sander and edge sander. I just woke up Saturday morning and called the rental place (the ONLY rental place in town that I’ve found that has drum sanders), and they said that they were all rented out for the weekend. Of course they were. So I found something else to work on all day Saturday. But this isn’t a post about that project. This is a post about the hellish 24 hours that began Saturday night as I was getting ready to go to bed. As I was heading to the bedroom, I made a pit stop in the hallway bathroom. My pretty, newly-redecorated hallway bathroom. And as I flushed the toilet, water started pouring out on the floor from around the base of the toilet. I grabbed a towel and mopped up the water, assuming that the wax ring had […]

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testing whitewash colors on red oak hardwood flooring - how to eliminate pink undertones - Varathane white stain

Well, y’all have spoken, and the overwhelming majority of you believe that I should whitewash my red oak hardwood flooring in the studio and adjoining areas (half bath, back entry and storage closet). For some reason, I expected it to be a closer race between the two options, but whitewash ran away with the vote. So last night before I went to bed, I tested out some whitewash options. I’ve been researching how to whitewash hardwood floors for a few weeks now, and let me tell you, the info you find online is all over the place. Some people say just used watered down paint. Others say don’t EVER use paint. Some people swear by Bona products, like their white stain, or their NordicSeal. But after reading reviews and seeing pictures, I wasn’t convinced that it was the answer. So I decided to try out some good ole Varathane water-based white stain, right off the shelf of Home Depot. To be clear, the can says it’s not recommended for floors. But things like that generally don’t stop me from trying. 🙂 I figure that the topcoat will be the most important part of this equation anyway, so as long as […]

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red oak hardwood flooring installation - finished

I finished installing the unfinished red oak hardwood flooring in the studio! Those last few rows that have to be nailed down with a regular nail gun are always so challenging for me, and I can never get them to look as good as the rest of the flooring where I use the mallet and the flooring nailer, but at least there’s hardwood flooring all the way to the wall. Thank goodness for wood filler. 😀 If all goes as planned, I’ll do the wood filler on the rest of the floor today so that it’s dry by tomorrow, when I plan to rent the big sander. I’m hoping the sanding will be a one-day job, but if not, I’ll finish it up on Saturday. And then Sunday, I can start the staining process. So naturally, this is the point where I start to question my decision. 😀 I mean, this is a big job — about 540 square feet of flooring. And while I know that I’m known as the person who doesn’t mind redoing projects if they don’t turn out just like I want them, and I’m generally okay with approaching things with that mindset, I really don’t […]

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studio red oak hardwood flooring installed

Y’all, I’m so excited about the progress that my brother and I made on the studio flooring yesterday! We got all of the flooring installed that could be nailed down with the flooring nailer. That left about four or five rows that will have to be nailed down with a regular nail gun, but after working for 8.5 hours, with me standing and bent over almost that whole time, there was no way I could get on the floor to nail those last rows down. If I had gotten down there, there’s no way I could have gotten back up. 😀 So those last few rows will have to be done today or tomorrow. But let’s focus on what we did get done — about 350 glorious square feet of hardwood flooring installed. We worked from noon to 8:30, but about an hour of that was wasted on a tool malfunction. My flooring nailer must have blown a gasket of some sort, because all of a sudden, air started leaking out of the head cap (i.e., the part that you strike with the mallet to shoot the nail), and I couldn’t get it to stop. I took it apart to […]

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hardwood flooring installation progress - 1

Have you ever been working on a room, and had that one big, daunting project that stood in the way of further progress on the whole room? Well, that’s where I’ve been for the last week. I knew I couldn’t go forward much more on the bathroom or the back entry until the flooring was installed and finished. But the idea of tackling that project was so overwhelming that I just dragged my feet on it. It wasn’t necessarily the hardwood flooring installation itself that felt daunting to me. It was the fact that after weeks of working on these areas — having a ceiling fan installed, buying an airless sprayer and painting the walls, building a vanity, building a countertop, installing hardwood flooring in the back areas, trimming the window, making custom wall tiles, and on, and on — the studio was a complete mess. In addition to the mess from all of my projects, I also had 18 4′ x 8′ sheets of OSB, as well as all of the original vinyl tile flooring that I purchased, that needed to be loaded into the truck for return to Home Depot. All of that added up to me procrastinating. […]

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Pretty warm brown pine countertop stained with beautiful results -- no ugly orange and yellow grain

Over the last several years, I’ve made six different types of DIY countertops. Most of them have been made of various types of wood, but then I also made my kitchen countertops out of concrete. I get questions about all of these countertops on a fairly regular basis, and the most-often question is, “Can I use this in my kitchen?” People are always on the lookout for inexpensive options for durable kitchen countertops. So I wanted to recap the various countertops I’ve made over the years, and also give a quick rundown of the pros and cons of each one. DIY Countertop Made From Cedar Fence Boards This countertop was my first test run with making my own wood countertop, and I used cedar fence boards. You can find the details here… My $35 DIY Wood Countertop Cedar fence boards are incredibly rough, so it required a lot of sanding. I also didn’t own a table saw at the time, and I’ve never owned a jointer or a planer, so it was impossible for me to get the edges of the fence boards perfectly straight. That affected how they fit together, and I ended up with lots of cracks that […]

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How to make custom color wall tiles - before and after - from white to butter yellow

Have you ever needed a very specific color of wall tile and just couldn’t find it, so you settled for something that wasn’t quite what you wanted? Well, there’s no need for that, because with a little bit of paint, and a little bit of resin, you can make your own custom color wall tiles in just about any color imaginable. If you can find paint in the color you want, you can make tiles in the custom color you want. In my studio bathroom, I decided to do a little accent tile backsplash. But since the upper walls have a very colorful and graphic design on them, I didn’t want a backsplash tile to compete with the walls. In fact, I wanted the tiles to blend in perfectly with the light buttery yellow that I’m using on the wainscoting. But trying to find backsplash tiles in the exact shade of yellow that I needed would be a fool’s errand, so I made my own. Here’s a before and after (actually, the after on the left, and the before on the right) of my backsplash tiles… And while I don’t have the whole backsplash done yet, here’s a picture of […]

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DIY bathroom vanity to fit a kitchen sink - 52

My DIY bathroom vanity is finished, and I not only got the thing completely built, but I also made my final decision on colors. Here’s how the vanity turned out… I had a very hard time getting a picture with accurate color. It’s not quite that orange. Or bright. Hopefully I can get better pictures when this dark, rainy weather goes away and the sun reappears. The bathroom has a window, so it does get natural light on bright days. But this morning when I took these pictures, it was still really dark. So let me back up a bit. When I last showed you the process of building the vanity, I left off with it looking like this… If you missed the first post about the building process, you can check it out here… DIY Bathroom Vanity With Turned Legs – Part 1 Almost every part of the building process was done at that point, but I still had two things I wanted to do: (1) add trim around the bottom edge, and (2) dress up the back feet. For the trim around the bottom, I used a 1″ x 2″ piece of lumber and ripped the thickness in […]

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green bathroom vanity with black wainscoting

My bathroom vanity is almost finished. I just have to do one more coat of paint on the vanity and two of the doors, and then clear coat the whole thing. Then I can get everything assembled (sink, countertop, faucet, cabinet doors) and put into place in the bathroom. But before I do that, I really need to decide what color I want on the wainscoting. Black wainscoting? White wainscoting? I’d like to get it painted today, but I’m having such a hard time deciding. I did finally make a decision on the vanity color. I went with green. It’s a shade somewhere between the green that’s in the bathroom wall design and the green that’s on the back entry walls. (It’s all the same color — Behr Hills of Ireland — just mixed with varying amounts of white.) There will eventually be some wide white casing around that bathroom door to separate the green on the back entry walls from the green on the vanity. And the red oak floor, which looks terribly drab right now since it’s covered in troweled-on wood filler for hardwood floors, will be sanded and whitewashed. But on to the subject at hand. What […]

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DIY MDF bathroom countertop for undermount sink - 24

I’ve made a lot of bathroom countertops over the years, always out of stained wood. But for my studio half bathroom, I wanted a bright white countertop. I didn’t want to pay $50+ per square foot for something like marble or quartz, so I did something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time now. I DIYed an MDF bathroom countertop for an undermount sink. Yes, that’s right. I took one of the least water-resistant wood products available and turned it into a countertop. 😀 Here’s how it turned out… It’s coated in a beautiful and almost flawless layer of resin to make it waterproof. But I’ll get to that later. Let me start at the beginning. I used two layers of 3/4-inch MDF to make my countertop. Since my countertop is small, I was able to use two of the smaller panels (2′ x 4′) which are more convenient to use, but if your countertop is larger, you’ll have to use a 4′ x 8′ sheet. You can have Home Depot or Lowe’s cut it down for you. Either way, I would suggest starting with pieces that are larger than the finished size you need. I put the […]

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bathroom with window casing installed

The half bathroom is inching closer and closer to being finished! The one big thing hanging over my head is still the floor, but I have a few more things I still want to get finished before I tackle that huge project. I finished painting and adding the resin coating on all of the tile, let it cure for a couple of days, and then got most of it installed. But something still seemed “off” about the whole thing — the yellow chair rail, yellow tile and yellow lower wall. The yellow tile seemed bright and cheerful, but the yellow chair rail and wall looked dull. That seemed strange since it was literally the exact same paint color out of the same container. And yet, it looked dull on the painted finishes. So I tried the chair rail in white, and I loved it! I had rejected the idea of white wainscoting before because it just looked so boring against the upper walls. And I do love white wainscoting, as you can see in the music room and hallway bathroom. But in this bathroom, it just seemed so…blah. But as it turns out, just the addition of the yellow tile […]

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DIY bathroom vanity to fit a kitchen sink - 44

My DIY bathroom vanity with the turned legs is so close to being finished! I still need to add a bit more trim, and then do some wood filling and sanding before I’ll be ready to paint. But right now, this is how it looks… I was mainly inspired by this vanity… You might be wondering why I didn’t just purchase that vanity if it’s what I wanted, and it was even the right width, right? Well, there was one problem. My bathroom is right off of my studio, and I wanted to use a standard size kitchen sink in the bathroom, which is considerably larger than a standard bathroom sink. So that required a custom-built vanity to house the kitchen sink. So let me show you how I built my vanity. Assemble the turned legs I started by finding some turned legs that I could use. I could have ordered custom turned legs with the perfectly-placed and perfectly-sized blocks for my vanity design, but those would have been expensive. And I just happened to have some turned legs on hand from an old side table. (I never throw away turned legs!) So using my miter saw, I carefully cut […]

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Red oak hardwood flooring installation with full trowel wood filler - before sanding

Well, y’all, I’ve started yet another One Room Challenge that I’m not going to finish. And I’m not going to even try to do any more in the future. It’s just not a format that fits my work style (or the needs of my house, since I’m generally doing way more than just simple room makeovers). On the last one, at least I gave it my best effort. This time, I’m just quitting. I’m still going to work on the rooms, obviously. But trying to get them done by some arbitrary deadline isn’t going to work. I came to this realization yesterday as I was trying to work out in my mind how to finish the flooring in the back entry, storage closet and bathroom completely while the rest of the flooring in the studio hasn’t even been installed yet. So I got that much of the flooring installed. I installed it to that point so that I could take a picture of the finished back entry for the One Room Challenge without the last row of flooring (i.e., where the felt paper and subfloor show) being visible in the pictures. And then I tried to figure out how to […]

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vanity inspiration from Signature Hardware

After my last post, I decided that I needed a new vanity style. The open style that I had planned just wasn’t right for my particular bathroom since I’m using a kitchen sink and a kitchen faucet with a sprayer. I’m so glad someone pointed out to me that the sprayer hose needed to hang freely in order to operate correctly. I had thought about the drain pipe, the hoses for the water, and the depth of the sink, and could work around all of those, but I hadn’t given the sprayer hose any thought. This whole idea of using a kitchen faucet in a bathroom is new to me. 🙂 So I decided that I needed an enclosed vanity that won’t require any special considerations, like false panels and such to conceal hoses. After looking at probably 100 vanities, both locally and online, I finally narrowed it down to two styles. Regardless of the style I go with, I’ll still have to make it since I need specific requirements to fit a kitchen sink. The first (and my absolute favorite) is a traditional style using turned legs with blocking where the top section protrudes from the bottom section like […]

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back entry with hardwood flooring installed

There are three weeks left in the One Room Challenge! I got behind schedule this week on the back entry and the half bathroom progress, but I did manage to get two things done. First, I did a little vanity lighting makeover, which I shared on Tuesday… If you missed that, you can see it here… Bathroom Vanity Light Makeover – From Plain To Custom And in addition to the light, I finally got all of the hardwood flooring installed in the back entry, storage closet and half bathroom. I generally enjoy installing hardwood flooring. On the spectrum of easy to difficult home improvement projects, it’s definitely on the easy end of the spectrum when you’re working in a big, open room. But when you’re working in tight spaces, like small closets and half bathrooms, it’s such a pain. Having to cut around doorways and work close to walls where flooring nailers don’t fit just slows down the process. But I finally finished the storage closet floor last night, so now all three of these back areas have flooring… The flooring along the back wall turned out nice, but the flooring along the shared studio wall looks a little rough… […]

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I’ve been searching for the perfect bathroom vanity light to go on my studio half bathroom, but I had no luck finding one that I liked, and I looked at hundreds of them. Out of those hundreds, I did actually find one that I really liked and was ready to click that “buy now” button. Unfortunately, it was out of stock everywhere except one place, and that place said that it would ship from the warehouse in eight weeks. Eight weeks? Seriously? So I had to take matters into my own hands. I decided to find a light locally at Home Depot or Lowe’s, and then customize it so that it was more “me.” I started with this light from Home Depot, and then used both latex paint and spray paint to customize it. Here’s a look at the before and after… It took several attempts for me to get the look just like I wanted it, but I finally landed on this one and really liked it. I knew that I wanted the metal parts of the fixture to be black. That decision was easy enough, so I used this spray paint in a matte finish. The glass shades […]

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It’s already time for the second One Room Challenge update! Yikes! That first week flew by since I joined the challenge a few days late. But now I’m fully on board, and things are going really well. As I showed y’all yesterday, I did get the bathroom wall design finished… If you missed that, you can see more here… DIY Geometric Ombre Square Spiral Wall Design – Finished! With that done, I turned my attention yesterday to the flooring. After a snafu with the original flooring I was planning on using, I finally decided to go with unfinished nail-down red oak hardwood flooring. It’s the same flooring that’s in pretty much the entire house, with the exception of the hallway bathroom, which has tile, and the two rooms that will eventually be torn down (sunroom and master bathroom). Most of that is original to our 1948 house, but the flooring in the kitchen and the breakfast room is new. I think because this flooring is so common in old houses in this area, the Home Depot here carries this flooring in stock, which is incredibly convenient. Also convenient is the fact that the last time I checked into using this […]

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Y’all, the painted design on my bathroom walls is finished! Here’s how it turned out… If you missed the first part of this project, you can find it here… DIY Geometric Wall Design – Part 1 This design started with lots and lots of painters tape — four rolls, to be exact. After seeing how busy and dizzying that taped off design looked with the stark contrast between the dark blue and white, I realized that the final design would have to have way less contrast. So I chose not to use the original three colors that I had purchased as they were out of the cans. I came very close to using white and light gray, but after realizing that I not only have that combo on my music room walls, but also on the hallway walls, I decided against it. Plus, this is a studio! I can do fun things in here that I might not have the courage to do in the main areas of my house. And when I thought about it, the last thing I wanted in my studio was gray and white. I wanted COLOR! So I went back to the original three quarts […]

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Well, there’s nothing like last minute. I decided to take part in another One Room Challenge as a guest participant, and I’m barely coming in under the wire with this commitment. The spring challenge technically started last Wednesday and Thursday, but guest participants have until Sunday night at 10pm central (that’s in about 30 minutes from right now) to link up a post. Like I said, nothing like last minute! 😀 I had talked myself out of participating since my last challenge didn’t end in a completed room, and I would hate for that to happen again. But I already have two areas in process, and I think I can actually get them done in time. So for this challenge, I’m going to continue working on the studio half bathroom and the back entry, and I’m fairly confident that I can get them done in time. So just a quick recap, the back entry still looks like this… Right now, I have the walls painted, the doors painted, and the light fixture installed. I still need to: install flooring and finish, install doors on the bathroom and storage closet, install door facings and baseboards and paint, install new door handleset, […]

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I’ve made some progress on my bathroom walls, and I wanted to show y’all the design I’m going with. I said I wanted something geometric and/or linear, and with this design I get both of those things. It’s all done with painters tape, so it’s a pretty time-consuming process. Thank goodness I’m doing it in a tiny little bathroom! Here’s my progress so far… Now keep in mind that that’s painters tape. The stark dark blue and white has a dizzying effect, but the finished wall will have less contrast. I started out trying to do this design that I found on HGTV.com. I spent about three hours and an entire roll of painters tape on that design before realizing that their instructions are junk, and the design doesn’t work as the instructions are written. Needless to say, I wasn’t amused. So I had to start over and come up with my own design. I started by marking off 16-inch squares on my wall using a pencil, framers square and level. Obviously, I enhanced the lines in my photo editing software because my pencil marks didn’t show up in the pictures. 🙂 Then using those squares as a guide, I […]

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